AI Content Creation Made Easy: Use these 4 Tools to Speed up Your Creative Process

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A significant 83% of professionals utilizing AI technologies report a marked reduction in time allocated to manual tasks, thereby enhancing their capacity to focus on the creative facets of their work. This integration of AI into the workflow heralds a new era where content creation becomes more efficient and streamlined. In this article, we will delve into four user-friendly AI tools that are designed to bolster your ability to swiftly generate distinctive and captivating content.

HubSpot’s AI Content Assistant

This tool allows users to create, ideate, and share content all from one place. You can use Hubspots’s AI content writer to generate copy for your blog, website, or social media with just the click of a button. Enter a prompt or topic and watch as the tool writes a first draft for your landing page, email, blog posts, or social caption.

Perhaps most beautiful of all, the Content Assistant tools natively integrates with HubSpot products you already use and trust, so you can easily toggle between manual and AI content creation to generate copy. With the toggle feature, you can quickly generate copy for blog posts, landing pages, and emails without having to switch between different tools.

For example, let’s say you’re writing a blog post using HubSpot’s CRM platform, but you also want to generate copy for a YouTube video description discussing the same topic. With Content Assistant, you can switch from manually writing your blog post to using the assistant to generate copy for your video description. No more switching tools or platforms.

Step-by-step How I created a blog post for a cleaning supplies company.

Step 1: Give Hubspot your idea in a simple sentence

Step 2:

Hubspot’s AI Content genrator came up with these blog titles.  I wanted a blog title specific to schools, so I asked it to ‘Generate more’

Step 3:

This time Hubspot hit the bullseye with an on topic blog related to Schools.

Step 4:

Here’s a snippet of the post it created.  A really good starting point.

Step 5:

Hubspot analysed the SEO meta tags and advised to shorten the meta description. Easily done.

Step 6:

The final task is to add in some relevant Eco-friendly products from the eCommerce shop into the post.



Now, when it comes to content marketing, you can never underestimate the power of video. However, videography might seem daunting when you think about visuals, equipment, and on-camera talent. Fortunately, this next tool makes video creation a breeze, and you don’t need experience or fancy equipment to use it.

Synthesia is an AI video creation platform that can generate videos in more than 120 languages, accents, and voice tones. It’s so reliable and efficient that top brands like Micrsoft and Intel rely on the tool for their videos.

Synthesia allows you to create your own custom avatar to represent your brand, and you can also choose from 150 stock avatars to find the right fit. This slashes the time and cost it takes to find on-air talent or actors for your videos.

Other convenient features include text-to-speech tools and the ability to pair your own voice with an avatar. With text-to-speech, you can type in what you want your avatar to say and have your script converted to audio for your avatar.

The audio can be Synthesia’s or your own voice. Pairing your voice with the avatar is an excellent way to make your brand’s avatar more unique while also protecting your privacy if you don’t wish to be on camera yourself.



Another useful tool that can create eye-catching videos without any equipment or a studio is VEED.IO. This provides custom texts, colors, fonts, and music to make your brand’s videos pop. With VEED. IO’s customizable aspects, you can create videos that are unique but also aligned with your brand via specific fonts, music, and aesthetics. One of its most popular features is its auto-transcribe button.

Just upload your video, click the button, and you can immediately download your script. Let’s say you want to quickly write up a blog post based on your video. After you upload your video to the platform, you can transcribe and download the script to later be reworked as a blog post.

Furthermore, you don’t need to download any software, and you don’t need video editing experience to get the most out of VEED. IO. Truly beautiful.

This final tool is especially helpful for social media content creation. Predis. ai generates all sorts of social media content using AI. It’s in the name. With just a small text input, Predis can generate branded social media posts with content, captions, and hashtags.

Use Predis to create reels, carousels, videos, memes, and branded posts in just seconds. With Predis, you can publish or schedule content to your favorite social media platform thanks to its built-in integration and content scheduler.


Avoid these pitfalls

While AI has the power to revolutionize the creation of high-quality content, making it both swift and efficient, it’s crucial to wield this tool with care to avoid pitfalls. Let’s talk about some common missteps to steer clear of in the realm of AI-generated marketing content.

First up, don’t fall into the trap of letting AI take the wheel entirely. Remember, the heart of truly resonant content beats with a human rhythm, not a robotic one. AI should be your backstage crew, not the star of the show. Overdependence on AI can lead to content that feels impersonal or lacks emotional depth.

Another point to be mindful of is the accuracy of your content. AI is smart, but it’s not infallible. Especially when it comes to data and statistics, it’s on you to ensure that the figures your AI churns out are current, correct, and sourced reputably. Your brand’s reputation hinges on the reliability of the information you share.

And let’s not forget about SEO. Tools like come equipped with features to sprinkle those SEO magic words into your content. But here’s the catch: without a savvy human strategy, those keywords might just scatter aimlessly, undermining your content’s search engine performance. Think of AI as the Robin to your Batman in the quest for SEO greatness—helpful, but not the hero.

As a marketer, your to-do list is endless: planning, crafting, and sharing your story with the world. AI is here to help carry the load, not to carry it away from you. It’s your trusty robotic sidekick in the creative process, ready to brainstorm, draft, film, edit, and schedule alongside you, making the marketing journey smoother and, who knows, maybe even a tad more fun.

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